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INNOTEC, a division of the AEB Group, specialises in the creation of automated plants, equipment and state-of-the-art solutions in the oenology sector. Thanks to the high level of expertise of the INNOTEC team, we have developed microfiltration plants that enable the cold stabilisation of wine, leaving the organoleptic characteristics unaltered.

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Wine filtration plays a fundamental role as it allows the wine to be clarified and microbiologically stabilised. To support wineries, we offer the microfiltration plant made by INNOTEC, which allows the product to be cold-stabilised while leaving the organoleptic characteristics unaltered. The filter cartridges, which can be washed and regenerated, make the wine microbiologically stable over time. 

All INNOTEC microfiltration plants allow automatic management of all work cycles, increasing efficiency and reducing treatment times. In addition to automating and optimising work, they allow you to control pressures and temperatures thanks to the digital interface and dedicated software.