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Microfiltration plant

Plant for biological stabilization

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Project and experience make the difference when the machines look the same.

Innotec Impianto di microfiltrazione


Each Innotec system contains the best technology even in the construction details. The customized automation is the heart of the installations. Some characteristic elements:

  • Different stages of filtration in single or double line.

  • Easy lifting of the housings.

  • Perimeter wiring into easily inspected raceways.

  • Cleaning in place (CIP) systems.

  • Heat exchanger, also with linear development.

  • Pumping systems.

  • Proportional dosing systems.

  • CO2 dosing.

  • Oxygen and CO2 removal (DEOX).

  • Recovery Wine System (RWS).

  • PDS Pipe Discharging System.

  • Water and calories recovery systems.

  • Sensors for monitoring of Brix, O2, CO2, alcohol, turbidity, temperature, pressure, flow rate, level.

  • Customized software.


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The Housings of Innotec microfiltration plants are equipped with a special system designed by Innotec. The system allows the easy lifting of the wine Housings. Every Housing is strongly connected to a mechanical lifting system, made of AISI 304 stainless steel. The operator, with this system, can lift the Housings and keep them at an high level, perfectly in axe with the cartridges to be installed inside. This operation is done easily, in safe conditions and without effort because the weight of the heavy stainless steel housing is
counter-balanced by the system and the lifting movement is perfectly vertically guided. The system is safely fixed on the base of the plant and allows the lifting of the Housings in a fully compliant with the safety rules, avoiding that the operators have to make dangerous operations for his safety and avoiding any risk to damage the cartridges during the operations of lifting and lowering of the Housings.


Pneumatic actuator double effect model i2 version 3.0 patented by Innotec.

  • • Compact design.

  • • Waterproof actuator.

  • • The led light indicates the opening status (green light) and closing status (red light) and not recognized position (no light). Light is visible from all sides thanking to the bright layer 360° on the top.

  • • All parts of actuator are easily and quickly disassembled for cleaning, offering an incomparable standard which can be used in all critical areas, like food and fermentation area.

  • • The cap on the top of actuator is slightly curved to allow draining water and avoid water stagnations.

  • • The electronic board inside the carter can be easily replaced and it’s very resistant because is embedded in a special resin.

  • • No maintenance needed.

  • • The electronic board cable and the two air pipes are connected from the bottom of actuator. In this way there are no parts in contact with machine process pipes.

Particolare alza campane
Particolare alza campane


The basement supporting the plant has a special perimeter structure, designed like a raceway to accommodate the electrical cables and the pneumatic pipes. This special structure is an exclusive design by Innotec and it allows the easy inspection, easy cleaning and maintenance of the raceway area. With this technical solution it is possible to have all the connections of the device-net for the automation of the plant collected in one point only, so it is not necessary for the operator to go inside the plant for the maintenance activities. The structure is made of one part fixed to the basement and of one carter covering the raceway. The cover is easy to be removed without any tool for the inspection and easy to be repositioned in its original position. This structure is made of AISI 304 stainless steel.


The in-line dosings define wines according to the expected specifications of the final Customer. In-line dosing allow to create dedicated lots without limits and without precise volumes. In-line dosing eliminate manual addition procedures, carried out on tanks, always guaranteeing higher precision with prefect homogeneity, thanks to the continuous and proportional aggregation.

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Particolare alza campane


The heat exchanger is made in two-stage. The first one is calculated for the calories recovery of the fluids that come back from cleaning or sanitizing processes. The second stage is for restoring of missing calories.
The exchange with steam or heating fluid is direct.
The heat exchanger manages the production of hot water and heating of CIP solutions at the temperatures required by the machines in their single utilities and for the recovery of about 70% of calories.
The operation is fully automated and integrated into the skid and is incorporated in the graphics of synoptic.
Functionality is guaranteed from the central PLC and is interfaced with the management PC where it's possible to set all work cycles directly from the operator. All data collected during operation are registered and processed into trends.


The CIP system can manage cycles of cleaning, sanitization and sterilization of filler, rinser and closer machine, microfiltration plant, PDS stations, PDS circuit, PDS heat exchanger and feeding pump. The CIP system is a unit with all elements installed on the machine to manage all functions. The functionality of the CIP depends on the central PLC, which manages the system. The general supervision program is loaded on the PC, where is possible to set all parameters, register all activities and trends organization, as well as the knowledge of the alarms. The work of the CIP is integrated into the macrocycles of the whole system.

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