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Boisélevage Extractor

Equipment to minimize wood-related aging time

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Boisélevage Extractor is a simple and quick extraction system, combining all the best technical measures aimed to obtain a rapid but respectful extraction of desired compounds from wood derivatives, reducing the wine unwanted sensations to a minimum.


The strong point of this machine relies  in the homogeneous extraction through a high, well-distributed flow, which distill the wood essences without stressing the wine, thus avoiding the uncontrolled increase in astringency. 

Boiselevage Extractor 100

Boisélevage Extractor 100


Boisélevage Extractor allows to quickly extract all the essences from all kind of wood derivatives, with a homogeneous, perpendicular flow through a specifically designed net.

Chips small

Small Chips

Chips Large

Large Chips

Filtering diffusion net

Filtering diffusion net

The flow, on its own, does not always guarantee rapid extraction, for this reason the equipment is fitted with 2 thermostat resistances for heating, useful for reducing the surface tension and improving the wettability of the wood.

Boisélevage Extractor is also equipped with:

• a  porous stone to introduce oxygenate or inert gas according to the needs of the oenologist;

• a large hatch, which guarantees easy extraction of the depleted Boisélevage and a quick cleaning thanks to the double washing Spry-Ball located at the top of the container;

• a large closure, which makes it particularly easy to insert the new Boisélevage.

Large hatch to facilitate easy extraction

Large hatch to facilitate easy extraction

Control panel

Control panel

Safety is guaranteed by automatically operated electronic and mechanical sensors depending on the operations.

The operation is managed by the control panel with very simple controls and the connections are DIN 80, both inbound and outbound.
• Power: 9.2 Kw

• Absorption: 23 A


The line consists of two models:
Boisélevage Extractor 100, with capacity up to 100 Kg of boisélevage
Boisélevage Extractor 300, with capacity up to 300 Kg of boisélevage.


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