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Deox is an automatic system that allows in line monitoring and the elimination of dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide via the proportional dosage of nitrogen, thus eliminating sensory and shelf-life defects.


Based on the concentration of O2 and CO2, Deox measures out the exact quantity of N2 necessary - which is added through a microporous membrane - and subsequently stabilises the product inside a tank, where the agglomerated nitrogen with O2 and CO2 is released.

Before bottling, the product is analysed in-line with very high precision instruments to guarantee the achievement of the desired parameters set.

Image detail DEOX System


    • Dosing proportional to the flow..


    • AISI 316 stainless steel structure.


    • Technopolymer microporous membrane for efficient and turbulenc e-free dosing.


    • Adaptation to variable flow rates during bottling.


    • Easy washing and sanitising with dedica ted line.


    • Full process traceability.


    • Interface compatibility with C.I.P. and micro-filtration systems.


    • Double in-out sensor f or differential processing.


Perimeter channel with corner

Automatic system DEOX

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