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Gum arabic is a colloid, obtained by means of incisions made on various species of African Acacias. In its natural state, it appears as rounded off, almost transparent, irregular flakes, amber in color, with glassy fractures. Through the hydrolytic action of acids it produces arabinose, rhamnose, galactose and glucuronic acid. Therefore it can be considered as a polysaccharide from arabans, galactans and uronic acids.
Its utilization in oenology is known since the end of 1800, and in 1933 Ribéreau-Gayon showed that the addition of measured quantities of gum Arabic was a useful technique in order to markedly improve stability and to reinforce organoleptic characters in white and red wines.
Spindal, a company of the AEB Group, is world leader in the production of gum arabics for oenological use and is the only company able to control the entire production process, from harvesting to the application of the final product.
Acacia species producing the gum have a great genetic variability, therefore quantity and quality of this product are very different from one plant to another. It is therefore important to select gum Arabic according to the kind of plant producing it and to the production zone. Flakes processing takes place following a consolidated technology ensuring treatments apt to eliminate all impurities present in the natural product. The final filtration takes place on sterile filter sheets, in order to ensure that the gum is completely sterile and easy to filter after its addition to wine.
The complete range of Spindal-AEB gum arabics is in accordance with Codex Oenologique International and Codex Alimentarius.

Trials and analysis are carried out evaluating turbidity, color, dry extract and microbiologic characteristics.

The range of Spindal-AEB gum arabics includes different typologies, able to satisfy all production needs and to solve, safely and easily, oenological problems related to stabilization processes and improvement in wine quality.

Gum Arabic
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