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Filter aids
silite-logo  Perlites for the continuous dosing filtration
Silite is the name of a range of AEB oenological agents, created to facilitate the continuous dosing filtration.
The agents of the Silite range form a porous structure which remains stable throughout the entire filtration period; practically, the agents deeply blend with particles making the turbidity and make the coat uncompressible.
Silite perlites are obtained from rocks of volcanic origin with vitreous structure; they build because of the quick cooling of the granitic magma. Treated in vertical furnaces at a temperature of 1.000°C, their volume increases because of the expansion of the liquid passing at vapor state, then are ground and selected according to their granulometry and low density in order to give the best filtration yields.
These preparations are characterized by a high apparent specific weight enabling a 20-30% utilization saving with regard to diatomaceous earths; they are completely free from cristobalite and therefore not harmful.
AEB perlites are particularly pure and highly effective and are available in three permeabilities:
- Silite Mini Speed is a very fine perlite, with a slow flux speed and permeability between 68 and 80 L/m2/min. It is suggested for brightening filtrations.
- Silite Normal Speed is a medium perlite, with permeability between 120-150 L/m2/min. and is suggested for all uncomplicated filtrations and for wines with normal turbidity.
-  Silite High Speed has a very high permeability between 200 and 240 L/m2/min. It is successfully utilized for the filtration of very hazy liquids and with a high content of suspended solids.


Silite high speed
Silite mini speed
Silite normal speed

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