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Biolact Acclimatée PB1025
jk hkjh kj hkjh kj hj kh kjhkjk hjk hkj biolactacclimateepb1025-logo.jpg  Oenococcus oeni strain acclimatized for malolactic fermentation
Biolact Acclimatée PB 1025 is a Oenococcus oeni culture, selected and produced with a technology strengthening the bacterium cellular wall.
During the biologic production cycle, growth temperatures are progressively lowered, so that the most resistant colonies are selected and the character is transferred to the following generations.
This genetic quality grants the isolated strains a good development and an active metabolism in critical environmental situations, with high sulphur dioxide concentrations, temperatures between 15 and 18°C and pH values of 2,9.
As shown in many experimental trials, particularly low pH values increase the antiseptic SO2 effect.
Biolact Acclimatée PB 1025 resists without difficulty, works with great advantage, transforming malic acid and developing wine qualitative potentials without undesired secondary effects.
Biolact Acclimatée PB 1025 works well at high alcoholic degrees and is insensible to the action of bacteriophages, does not produce biogenic ammines and does not attack citric acid, avoiding the building of combined SO2 and the production of molecules dangerous for the balance of the sensorial analytical outline.
It eliminates bitter sensations in the after-taste and the defects that could present after the spontaneous malolactic fermentation, such as the reduction of the coloring intensity.
Biolact Acclimatée PB 1025 is ideal for the maturation of white, rosé and young red wines, where it highlights sensations of olfactory fineness and complexity, in accordance with the primary aromas of the origin cultivars and with the specific vinification stages.
In white wines this strain completes the aromatic range with notes of toasted fruits. In red and rosé wines it reduces vegetal sensations and emerges fruity notes.
Biolact Acclimatée PB 1025 increases taste roundness, softness, body and induces in the treated wines the expression of the best qualities.



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