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The AEB group

In the van of research and appli-cation of process treatments con-cerning biochemistry and environ-mental hygiene.

AEB in the world

The AEB Group covers the 5 continents with 15 associated and controlled companies, 6 production plants, 15 foreign distributors, more than 100 exclusive repre-sentatives.
Products and technologies

The main production lines and intervention areas of the AEB Group.

know how

The companies of the AEB Group work closely to research depart-ments, research laboratories and Universities in order to be sup-pliers of innovative solutions. AEB commitment is to help the costu-mer in optimizing economical effi-ciency of its business, while achie-ving quality improvement of the finished product.

The know-how, mastered though an international experience, ma-kes AEB a reliable and complete partner, able to face the most dif-ferent production problems.

Products and technologies

Biotechnologies applied to wi-nemaking.
Fermentation products
Agents for the stabilization of wine and beer
Filter aids for must, wine, beer, fruit juices, oil, brines
Cleaners and sanitizers for the hygiene of equipments and fo-od production cycles in general
Lubricants with detergent-sani-tizing action for conveyor belts intended for the transport of food containers
Dosing systems
Centralized systems for the uti-lization of lubricants for conve-yor belts
Low pressure equipments for the application of foamy deter-gents
Systems for the treatment of air and environment in general

Intervention fields

Wine-making industry
Beer industry
Mineral water and soft-drink indu-stry

Fruit-juice industry

Fresh and processed meat pro-cessing industry
Vegetable processing industry
IV-range industries

Oil industry

Dairy industry

Farms in general

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