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Arabinol SB

Gum arabic.


Arabinol SB is a special gum arabic, specifically studied for the stabilizing treatment of beer.

The colloidal characteristics of Arabinol SB highlight a constant yield in all beer types and with different production solutions.

This preparation displays a base structure with non fermentable long polysaccharidic chains, suitable to decrease perception soil for some compounds which may give anomalous sensations.

The gum arabic contained in Arabinol SB is obtained from gum arabics with low coloring intensity and with a high percentage in arabans and galactans. All the effected trials showed that this agent gives the treated beers softness and fullness sensations, besides improving foam consistence and compactness.

The gustative balance of the finished product results markedly increased, thanks to the action of molecules facilitating the stability of the aromatic substances.

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